Spectral Power Distribution of LED

Download a CSV file that contains the SPD of 29 commercially available LEDs.


Measured spectra of 29 commercially available light-emitting diodes (LED) are provided spanning the range from 380 to 660 nm peak wavelength. Some are phosphor-based LEDs. Each spectrum is normalised to a unity power integral.

The file contains one SPD per line. Each spectrum is given in 176 samples from 350 to 700 nm.

The colors used in the diagrams are no indication of the colors of the LED's.


LED's occur frquently in modern light sources. They are used to build white light sources that can be adjusted in correlated color temperature. Some systems allow to output highly saturated colors. They can be one of the most demanding color stimuli for imaging systems like digital cameras.

The figure shows the colors of the 29 LED's in the CIE xy chromaticity diagram.