This is the home page of Harald Brendel.

I'm the head of the Image Science team at ARRI. I'm responsible for the color processing in the ALEXA and AMIRA cameras.

My team developed the image prcoessing of the ALEXA 35 camera.

I got into this field through my work in digital post production and out of personal interest, which let me create this site. Under Articles you will find some of my rant and drivel. In the section Explore are some interactive explorations of color science. They are based on Javascript and need a fairly modern browser. Enjoy and come back occasionally but don't expect to many updates.

Please send comments or questions about this web site to the webmaster's address.

You can contact me on LinkedIn.

If you want to contact me regarding my work at ARRI, send an email to my ARRI address. It goes like this: first letter of first name + last name + ''

We have a new Datenschutzverordnung in Europe (DSGVO) and in case you are interested in legelese, you may want to read my Datenschutzerklärung (Privacy Statement). I really think data protection is important but it's a bit pointless on a web site like this.